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Telecommunications in Italy are as comprehensive and accessible as in any other European country... in other words, there are a lot of options to choose from, for mobile phones, phonecards and internet access, and its worth taking the time to read the small print and shop around to find a deal that suits you best.


The national phone company, Telecom Italia, are still responsible for the majority of line rentals and landline contracts in Italy.  It might make sense to get a phone in your flat if you are planning to stay in Rome for a while, and it certainly is useful if you make a lot of international calls.


Back in the early 90s, when mobile phones were still a novelty pretty much the whole world over, they were already the essential status symbol for young Italians.  And by young, we mean 8+. The rest of Europe has now caught up, and mobile phones are an indispensible accessory for everyday life.
Some of the most popular Italian networks are TIN, Omnitel and Vodafone Italia. Handsets are the same as anywhere else in the world- dominated by market leaders such as Nokia, Vodafone, Orange, etc. 
Pay as you go and contract phones are both easily available.  Phone credit can be topped up in a newsagent by giving them the phone number you want the money credited into, or by purchasing a "Ricaricard."  €10 of credit costs €15, and €50 of credit costs €55. SIMcards with an Italian mobile phone number can easily be purchased in specialised telecommunications shops.


No matter how hard you search,you're never going to find a cheap way of making international phone calls from a mobile.  (And if you do,please let us know...!) Although text messages are great, the best way to keep in touch is with international calling cards.

These can be purchased in kiosks and newsagents, for €5, €10 or €20.  Check out the specific rates and tariffs that suit you best.


Internet cafes are easy enough to find in Central Rome, around the main stations and off Via del Corso, Rome's main shopping street.  There are currently 2 branches of the EasyEverything internet chain, in Via Barberini and Piazza Piscinula.

Home internet

If you have a home computer and want to connect online for the benefits of internet access in your own home, there are various service operators whocan install this.  Telecom Italia have a good internet package, and TIN is another alternative.

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