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Restaurants in Rome

Eating out in Rome is a pleasure that anyone can afford, and there is certainly plenty to choose from. Going for a pizza is an obvious choice, and there are always a huge range of tasty toppings.  Expect a thin and crispy base, with generous lashings of mozzarella.

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A jug of house red is ideal for washing it all down with; good wine is fairly cheap in Italy. Advance booking for restaurants is generally not necessary, although it’s worth reserving a table if you are planning a special night. 
"Una trattoria", a traditional style restaurant offers a good menu, with house specialties including pasta and meat dishes, and seasonal produce.  Set menus are often available, especially at lunch. "Un ristorante", a restaurant, tends to be more expensive, although there are a lot of restaurants for budget travellers and of course local Italians near the centre. Rome's Mediterranean climate ensures that the tables on outside terraces are the first to fill up, and that the essential ingredients of Italy's world famous cuisine are grown locally and are arrive fresh. Key ingredients include tomatoes and olive oil, fresh herbs, aubergines and parmesan cheese, enjoy!
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The best coffee is undoubtedly Italian coffee and  in Rome you get ‘real’ coffee and not the instant type! Click here to find out more about real Rome coffee.
There are not only Italian food restaurants in Rome, you can also find asian restaurants and fast food companies. “Spizzico” is a favourite, offering delicious slices of take-away pizza and salads. 

Weekly closing

Keep in mind that each establishment has a weekly closing day and that some close for the entire month of August.


In Roman restaurants there are often two language menu cards. Check that the prices on the foreign language menu card are the same as Italian card, because sometimes the prices are higher on the non-Italian menu card!
It always a good idea to check your bill,  but in Italian you need a receipt (´scontrino fiscale´) for the tax police  (´Guardia di Finanza´). Even when you leave the building they can check if you have paid your taxes. If they check you and you have no receipt, both you and the restaurant will be fined.
Also, when dining in a restaurant with service, make sure that the tip is already added to the bill. And don’t make the mistake of paying twice. Credit cards are not often accepted at bars and less expensive places.

Terrace Rates

Remember always: Drinks and coffees are cheapest when you stand at the bar. Sitting on the outside terrace is a more expensive way to enjoy your drinks and food.

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